SynergyLet’s face it; domestic consumers are picky. Just imaging if your business could afford to send a giant coupon to everyone in your area. But then imagine the individual recipient, who may not feel he needs it today. Now you can imagine your precious advertising dollars being transported to the landfill!

But if a coupon for your service or product sits on a card alongside 19 other practical coupons, it’s a different story. Most people who receive a group of coupons in a tidy bunch like that will keep it – – in a purse, on a fridge, in a car, etc.

Each time a person looks at or uses the BargainShot card, they’ll see your coupon again, too. That means you’ll getting a bigger bang for your buck than mailing an ad that’s only about your business!

Synergy makes BargainShot a better value than stand-alone advertising.